Sunday, March 11, 2012

Metal Plates

So today I tried a few new things .... tried to felt a vessel, the first one I made using what I thought was dissolvable fabric (it wasn't or it was to old) didn't dissolve.  So after being frustrated I didn't give up!!!  Here is the result with nothing but my felt, needle, and some soapy water.

Once I got the vessel finished and drying decided to print on some metal, yes metal well to be precise Aluminum, these are plates that I use on my printing press.  I used the Goldens Digital Ground for Non-porus Surfaces painted it twice with a sponge brush and let it dry. Taped it to a piece of paper and ran through my ink-jet printer.  Very pleased with the out come, now what will I do with this new found media?!?!?!


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